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Video could not play on website

Problem: I creat H5 by Active presenter with video in it.
in preview, no problem shows.
after I put in my website, no video play at all except the first impage of the video stay there.
I have tried all the play button and no miracle happened.

So, please tell what the problem is?

ActivePresenter version: 8.1.1

OS: (1.5 MB)

Hi Emilia,

Can you please try with the latest version (8.5.2) and a longer video to see if it works?


I have tried the latest version ( 8.5.2) and it finally worked.

Thanks so much


Dear Phuongdv
I found that , no matter I hide the player controller or not, the default audio setting of the video was mute, we need to turn on the sound button manually.
Will you please tell where to set the auto play of the audio in the video?

Hi Emilia,

It’s not possible to unmute the audio without clicking due to the autoplay policy on most browsers.
For more information about this policy of browsers, you can read at

The best practice to overcome this issue is inserting a button on the first slide. The user must click on that button to start the course.

You can clear the Disable [Click or Tap to Unmute] Notification check box on Export to HTML5 dialog to remove the message on the top-right corner of the browser.