Video and audio in Preview and final html


I recorded a video with sound from the webcam.

I would like to use media controls of the vid, so people can move in the video. However, if I use them, it only moves the video but not the audio. Audio and video also do occur as two individual objects in the timeline. Grouping them does not solve the picture.

I then tried to have media controls for the whole project (the video is the one and only slide). This works fine in preview but as I as I export it, I cannot move forwards or back in the video, the video + audio always snaps back to where I moved it from.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Rolf,

For the first case, you should combine the video and audio in another project then export it as a single video. After that, import the output video back to your project.

If you use HTML5 player, please change the Navigation mode to move forward in the presentation:


Thanks, as always, brilliant service!