Vertically center feedback popup in browser


especially in mobile landscape view the feedback popup (“Your answer was correct”) appears too far above. After scrolling to the bottom of a responsive quiz to click “submit” the user can not even see that a popup appeared … or he only can see the bottom frame of the popup.

Is it possible to center the feedback popup in the middle of the browser window?
Then every user could see the feedback popup.

Or my second idea would be:
After clicking on “Submit” Button the browser scrolls to the top where the feedback popup appears. Is this possible?
I could not find an action/event to put on the submit button.


It seems it is hard to popup the feedback message at the center of browser window. However, you can change the position of the feedback to the bottom of browser window. That makes user can see it more clearly. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Feedback Master
  2. Select Mobile Landscape/Mobile Portrait
  3. Change the feedback (text, button…) position mode to Bottom Right, and change the positions also.

bottom_feedback.approj (1008 KB)


Thanks. This will fit for smartphone users.
But some small tablets (portrait) use the smartphone landscape view too.
For them the feedback popup at the bottom will look a little bit strange.

What about my second idea?
Is it possible to make the browser scroll to the top after clicking on “submit” button?


You can use the following code to scroll the page to the top. (You should adjust the scroll value to fit you content).

AtomiAP.$(".ap-stage")[0].scrollTop = 50;

scroll.approj (1008 KB)