Version 3.x Saola Animate

I have found out that you are working on version 3.x, I would like to know if it is available. collision, condition and trigger? and animation with svg?


Saola Animate version 3 will not have collision detection feature.
Support for SVG and vector graphics will be improved. Some types of SVG animations such as morph, line draw will be available. However, animating objects in a SVG image still requires JavaScript coding.

Regarding condition and trigger, can you describe them in more detail to prevent misunderstanding?



May I know the expected date of launch of version 3.


October according to their post last week - Play sound through different scenes

October is also going to end. But there is no news. May I know expected date of launch of version 3?

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Saola Animate 3 is still in the testing and bug fixing phase.
There are some unexpected issues which makes the development slower than expected.
We still don’t have an exact date yet, hopefully it will be available late November or at the beginning of December.

I am also excited to play around with the new v.3 :nerd_face:. Do you think, it could be available this month. Or should we expect it next year ?

Hi Sledge,

Thanks for your interest in Saola Animate.
As you may know, we’re still in the testing phase.
We will inform to you when a release date has been specified.


Okay … i will be patient :nerd_face:

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Hi all,

Saola Animate version 3 has been released. Please refer to this post to get the latest information:


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