Vdeo and Sound not syncing

hi , i have the latest version of activepresenter 8, not sure why the video is ok at fist 30 mins but it is out of sync afterwards. any suggestion how can i solve this issue. will the issue solved if i use software rendering instead of gpu ?.


Could you please provide a screenshot of the Timeline pane at around minute 30?

im not sure, is this ok ?

Can you try exporting your project to see if the problem persists on the output? If yes, something happened while you were recording your project. In this case, you can edit the video manually (split the audio object and move it along the Timeline pane to sync it with the video object).

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ok, but is this normal ? bcs actually its quite hard to adjust manually tho … but anyway thanks

Hi Iman,

It should occur rarely. You can share the project and its external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files pattern if any via support@atomisystems.com so we can analyze further. If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage then send the link to us.


We have sort of the same problem, and it is not just a question of video and sound being out of sync.
The Audio is recorded at a lower speed. You can clearly hear the voice is lower and when the video ends, the audio is behind and get cut off.

The same thing happens when you record Narration.



Could you please share the full log file via support@atomisystems.com so we can check? To view the log:

  • In Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon)
  • Select Miscellaneous.
  • Click View Log.


Hi Quynh

I have just done that.


We will check and reply you soon.