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Variables lost of SCORM Resume (using Moodle)

I have created an approj which was launched as HTML5. When the user launches the learning activity from a webserver, they are required to enter their name and email. This is stored in a variable studentName and studentEmail. This is available all the way through the module till the last slide and triggers an API call at the end to an external service.

This approach forces students to complete the learning activity in one go. To deal with this issue I migrated the activity to a SCORM package and imported it into Moodle. The resume works perfectly, however, the data in the variables is lost. So at the end, the API can’t be called because


no longer exist. The grading of the activity works fine and the gradebook is updated. But without the variables we are unable to call the API or print certain content to a PDF. This has been tested with both SCORM 1.2 and 2004.

Is there a way to save the content of important variables such that they can be restored on resuming the activity in SCORM (using Moodle)?

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.5.4 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2021.11.18)

OS: Windows 10

Notes: jsPDF is used to write data to a variable which is a file blob that prints perfectly at the end.


Please send your project via so that we can check.
If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive then send the download link to us.

Also, I want to add further information.
When exporting projects to SCORM 1.2, the session data saved in the LMS may be lost if your project has many slides.
This occurs because SCORM 1.2 limits the data to be saved.
Meanwhile, this rarely happens in SCORM 2004 since it has a relatively large limit.

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