Variables as correct values for "Fill in Text Entry"?

I need to use variables as correct values for Questions::Fill in Text Entry.
I tried to use the syntaxe %variable% but it is understood as a text, not interpreting the variable’s value.
Is it possible then ?

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.6

OS: Windows10


As a complement : is it possible to have dynamic correct values for questions ? Thanks


It’s not possible to set correct values through variables or scripts in the current version of ActivePresenter, unfortunately.
But supporting correct values via JavaScript has already been in our plan, for your information.
Currently, if you just want to show the total score and the notification appearing to notify users but not the detailed report of the text entry, do the following:
To show the message:

To show a custom total score, please refer to this thread:


Thanks you Hang, that’s the solution I found but it is a little bit long with many values or questions… One attended evolution for me would be the use of arrays in variables (useful for these validations, but other things too. Regards,

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