Variable additions

Is there a way to adjust a variable to have multiple additions. I have several check boxes and want to have all those checked to be added to variable.

For example
Check A
Check B
Check C

If they check A and B the variable will show A,B

Hi Chris,

ActivePresenter doesn’t have concatenate operator for string variable yet.
We’ll consider adding it in the future.
You can use the following script to do that:

prez.concatenateVariable = function(varName, value, separator) {
    if (separator === undefined)
        separator = ',';
    var varValue = this.variable(varName) || '';
    if (varValue)
        varValue += separator + value;
        varValue = value;
    this.variable(varName, varValue);

Please see Project > Properties > Event and Submit button On Click event in the attached project to know how to use it.

UpdateQuizAnswers.approj (380 KB)


This is great and works well. Would be great to have as a feature.

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Concatenate operator for text variables would be great, but your script works fine.


Hi Scott,

Concatenate operator is already added to ActivePresenter: