Using an Advanced Action for changing an object's states


we are working on a project that includes many two-paged flyers. We want to make use of an advanced action that allows for showing the flyer’s back page when you rollover the front page with the mouse and changes back to the front page when you rollout.

We implemented the flyers as objects having two states: front and back page. At the moment, if you click on a shape showing a miniature version of the flyer, they first enlarge (-> show object) and show their front page.

What we want is when you hover with the mouse over the front page, the object changes its state and shows the back page. When you hover out, it changes to the front page again.

So far, we tried our best with this:

We connected it to “On Rollover”, but instead of adding another “on rollout” we would like to integrate everything into a single advanced action. Is this somehow possible?

ActivePresenter version: 8.30

OS: Win 10 Pro 64 Bit

Hi Alketas,

I’m afraid that it is impossible to integrate everything into a single advanced action.
You’ still need to add On Rollout event.

Besides, you can refer to this tutorial, which guide how to create two sides of shape efficiently:


Dear Yen, a pity, but thank you nonetheless!