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User clicks on E-Mail Link triggers LMSFinish

Problem: We have the option of clients customizing the content by adding email addresses to specific topics (e.g. contact support at ‘’) - however we have discovered, that when a user clicks on the link, then it not only opens the email client, but also triggers LMSFinish thus closing the module completely.

Is there anything that can be done about this, or perhaps anything we are missing in the implementation?

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.4 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2021.11.18)

OS: Windows 10

Notes: We implement this feature using Variables which Default Value can be overriden via the LMS

Hi Sheree,

Can you please share the project which has the problem so we can check? You can email it to us at
Please also let us know the LMS that you are using.


Apologies for the delayed response.

We do not have a case study, as the email adress is not implemented in the module itself. We only add a text variable and leave the default value empty - this variable works like a placeholder. This placeholder can then be accessed via our plattform (inhouse LMS). Clients can add whatever input they need, which then overwrites the variable by adding a default value.

In this specific example, a client added a support email address into the placeholder. We usually never experienced any issues before with emails within a placeholder variable, as we have tested it prior to launching. However we have now received the information, that when a user clicks on an email link, the LMSFinish call is triggered.


Can you please try if the issue happens with SCORM Cloud at ? If it doesn’t happen, it seems the problem is related to implementation of your LMS. If it happens, please share just the slide in which you put the variable that allows users to click on so we can understand the problem correctly. You can delete all other slides and irrelevant contents.


We will have a look at our inhouse built LMS for now

The issue is not with the variable itself, as the variables do not have default values. The issue is with the placeholders, that when an email is added and clicked on, it triggers LMSFinish