Use of 3D javascript in ActivePresenter

I am looking at using ActivePresenter for eLearning that may involve interaction with 3D models. The 3D model player is a javascript application, for example Three.js – JavaScript 3D Library (
In principle, can I include the model as an HTML5 set of files using the ‘Web Object’ functionality to insert the HTML5 and also include the relevant javascript file?

Hi Peter,

You can use Web Object to insert 3D models into ActivePresenter. This feature allows you to add a web object from Address, Embed Code, and HTML Package.
For more information, please refer to:


Thanks for this confirmation!

My proposed ‘HTML package’ references a javascript file that is in effect, the javascript compiled executable for the 3D engine. Can I add this file to some location where it is loaded once only, and can then be accessed by every instance of the HTML package I use in the course?

Hi Peter,

You should upload that JavaScript file to a webserver and use its absolute URL to load it into your packages.