Unload isn't triggered

Problem: In the last slide of my prez I want to jump to a different slide on Unload. It seems as if the unload event is not triggered. What am I missing?
I tried both with and without AutoAdvance.
In another slide it works …


ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Win10


Hi Rolf,

When the presentation is about to show a new slide, it’ll trigger the unload event on the current slide, and the load event on the new slide. The presentation will pause or end (depending on AutoAdvance value) at the last slide, so there’s no new slide to show and no unload event for the last slide.

Moreover, unload event is aimed for cleaning tasks, you should not add jumping slide actions in this event.


Thanks, Toan,

okay, I got that.

Since unload is only for cleaning tasks, what would be a ‘safer’ way of jumping to new slided? Maybe a timer and jumping to the new slide on timeout?



Hi Rolf,

Can you please let me know the criteria to choose the new slide to jump to?
If it depends on the user interactions, you can check and change the slide on the interaction event.


Hi Toan,

it really is just a little animation. After this animation, I want to jump to another slide.

I think a could have the animation in another timeline and jump after this timeline. It would just be easier to have something that jumps after the slide. And I thought unload would be the right place to put it.

I’ve also tried to have the slide to which the prez should jump after the animation after the slide. That worked fine as well.

Is one of the methods better, ‘cleaner’ than the others?

best, Rolf

Hi Rolf,

I’m afraid that I don’t understand your use case correctly to give an advice on choosing the better method.
If it’s possible, please send a small sample project to our support email at support@atomisystems.com so that we can help.


Thanks, Toan,

I think that won’t be neccesary.


Hi Toan,
I would like to come back to this problem and I hope I can make clear what I mean.

An action in slide A, triggers loading slide B.

In slide B, an image ‘abc’ is shown with an animation and disappears with an animation. The whole thing takes 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds, I want to move to another slide X.

The solution I currently use is:
In slide B, I set slide duration to 5 seconds,
check ‘Auto Advance’ and
‘Go to Slide X’ on unload of slide B.

You recommended I shouldn’t do that (see your comments above)

I can think of two other ways:

  1. image ‘abc’ is initially hidden - I show the object on load of the slide with ‘blocking’ - After the showing action I go to Slide X;

  2. the image animation starts automatically. I use an animated timer, set it to 5 seconds and ‘On Timer Complete’ go to slide X;

Are both ways better than unload? Is one to be preferred?

Thanks, Rolf

Hi Rolf,

If it’s possible you should place slide X next to slide B so that slide B will advance to slide X automatically.

Otherwise, you can use one of three ways as you mentioned, each method has its own disadvantage:

  • “Unload” method:
    • The next slide after slide B will be always created and marked as visited though it doesn’t appear (but jumps to slide X immediately).
    • Doesn’t work for the last slide.
  • “Show Object Blocking” method:
    • The image will always show 5 seconds, though the viewer seek to any timestamp in slide B.
      For example, when the image is showing, if the viewer click on the player progress bar to seek to another time in slide B, the image will start showing again for 5 seconds.
  • “Timer” method:
    • Once started, the timer will keep updating its time independently of the timeline timestamp.
      It means that if the timer is running, seeking to another time in slide B doesn’t affect the remaining duration.
    • The timer only run once, you need to add Start Timer action to make it works again when it’s completed.
  • It’ll work similar to “Show Object Blocking” method if you don’t set the timer to start automatically, but add two actions below to the slide On Load event to restart the timer:


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