Unique navigation possible?


Is it possible to create unique navigation pathways such as at www.grandimage.com? How would one do so?

Saola Animate version:



Hi Shawn,

Yes, it’s possible.
Just creating your animations as normal then using wheel event to control them (e.g. start a timeline, change to another scene…)
Saola Animate doesn’t support this event, so you need some coding.
Please see the attached project for a trivial sample.
In this project, I write some code in Document Ready event which uses wheel indicator (as in your page) to navigate among scenes.

wheel navigation.saolapack (4.4 KB)


Understood the above.

In the same website example above … www.grandimage.com, how can we enable auto progression to the next screen even if the page is scrolled a little?



Hi Shawn,

It seems that you’ve never or rarely seen my samples.
In my sample above, scene are also auto advanced with a little scroll. It’s thanks to the wheel indicator library, it fires only one event when mouse wheeling is finished.

I’m sorry but it’s time for you to start doing something yourself instead of keeping asking.


Apologies Toan. I have seen all of your samples – in detail. However, I recalled incorrectly and thought this was not an auto-advance.

I saw it again, and it is auto-advance and very well designed!