Unexpected split of multiple-item time lines

In timeline view I have two adjacent lines: Line1 with a single item and Line2 just below Line1 it with several items.

I select the item in Line1 and say ‘Send backward’ (Ctrl+PgDn), expecting the selected item to move below the whole Line2. Instead the selected item moves below a single item of Line2, so Line2 get spit into two lines. Is it a bug, of this is how it supposed to be? I really don’t see a reason to split a line in this case.

Another issue that may be related to that. A line contains several items. I select the last item in the line and tick “Show to the end of slide” box. Guess what happens! The line got split completely. Any item in it now occupies a separate line!

I am not picky, these issues are really annoying.


It would be very helpful if you can share a video that illustrates your issue.
That helps us understand and analyze the issue better.

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