Understanding Saola Animate Objects

Downloaded Animate yesterday and first impressions are excellent. I’ve been using a different but simular program for about 15 years and am trying to understanding whether Animate will allow me to build simular HTML5 interactive applications.

I’m trying to undersand how the JavaScript side of Animate works to build the HTML5 and how I can use this to develop my applications. I can see that the DIV for each Scene is generate dynamically in the DOM as the scene is loaded but what I want to know is this:

Is is possible in one scene to access the object data used to generate another scene? For example, could a user pick an option in scene one and I would be able to dyanamically set the images in scene two.


Scene and object data is internal and should not be accessed directly by user scripts. Instead, you can use a JS variable to store the user selection in scene one, and use that variable to control scene two. For example:

  1. In scene one:
    • On Mouse Click of Div 1: Execute JavaScript doc.userImage = 'image1';
    • On Mouse Click of Div 2: Execute JavaScript doc.userImage = 'image2';
  2. In scene two:
    • There are two image elements named image1, image2, both are hidden (display off)
    • On Scene Activate of Scene two: Execute JavaScript
         if (doc.userImage)


I’m wondering if there is a way to build something more advanced. For example, I want to have several folders with about 20 images in each. In the first scene the user picks the topic (folder) and in the second scene, these twenty images are displayed.

Is there way to access the properies of an element to set things like this dyanamicalyl rather than having all these images hidden and then showing the ones needed?


In this case, I think you should create different scenes for different folders, and jump to the corresponding scene (using Jump to Scene action) when the user selects a folder. In each scene, you can arrange images, add animations for them…


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Cheers for the ideas and the quick and excellent support.