Underlined text

Problem:Text is not completely underlined. Only each word is underlined seperately (the space is not underlined). I’ve changed the Font, but this doesn’t effect he result. Did I miss something ?
Below is a screenshot of the preview (the same is on the exported HTML5 output)
It’s underlined on the slide but when previewed or exported, the spaces aren’t underlined anymore.

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.6

OS: Windows 10



Are you using Text animation effect in your project? If not please provide us with the following information:

  • On which browser you are using it.
  • Send your project to support@atomisystems.com so that we can check. We just need the slide with the issue, so you can delete other irrelevant slides before sending the project.


indeed I’m using the Animation text by Letter.
If I deactivate this animation, everything is fine.
Is there any workaround to keep this animation and get the spaces underlined ?

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Unfortunately, there is no workaround. The Space character will be underlined after the animation has finished.