Unable to unlock the contents in the interactions and customise the position of the answers


I’m working on a “fill in multiple blank” exercise for teaching purposes: I have an image in the background, which is the scanned version of an exercise from a book. In this exercise, the learner is asked to listen to a dialogue giving basic information about a letter, and then fill in the letter form with address, name, etc. Each one of these has a fixed position, being a letter, hence the dilemma.

My idea was to create a fill in multiple black to put on top of the background (=the letter form) and then use that to give the student a feedback.

The problem is that I can’t manage to customise the position of the answer boxes. If I go in properties --> transform, I can’t change their position, it goes back to its default one. If I go in Project Preferences, none of the options included in the “interaction” panel seems to work.

Is there something I’m missing? I’m sure there must be a way!

Thank you!


I guess you can select the whole question, go to Size & Properties pane > Group Layout and change it from Grid layout to None, after that you can drag & resize each answer box freely.

You can also take a look at below articles:


Thank you very much!