Tutorial freezes

Hi, I get the circle of waiting death a lot in chrome, internet explorer is fine. Dev tools point me to this site:

Is this something you can fix?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.01

OS: Win7

Notes: Latest version of chrome

Hi Matthew,

It seems that sometime the HTML5 player can’t load audio/video on the latest version of Chrome. We’ll check it thoroughly and let you know in the next week.

P/S: The exception you see doesn’t cause the issue.


Hi Matthew,

We have checked and seen that the problem may occurs when viewing content with a slow and unstable network connection. If it is not your case, maybe your content has something special that makes the problem occurs. In that case, please share the project and its external data folder named in the pattern PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) so we can check.


Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.

This only occurs when it is local i.e. not on the server…

You can upload it to Google Drive or other file sharing sites and send the link to us.


This is a local version of the tutorial, local tutorials are the ones that crash in Chrome

Hi Matthew,

We have seen that the Slide 9 in your project has 15 audio objects (or attached audios) which causes this problem. Due to the limitation of Chrome and current implementation of ActivePresenter, the number of audio objects or attached audios in a slide should not be greater than 6. Please try one of following workarounds to overcome the issue:

  • Split the slide into multiple ones.
  • Use one audio object for voice in the slide.

We will try to find a way to fix this issue in the next update.