Troubleshooting the “Could not export audio Mouse Click 1" issue


We are trying to export a project in HTML5 format but always get an error :
“Could not export audio Mouse click 1”
(just like here :


I tried to reinstall the soft (v7.3.3) but got no better results.
I did the same action on the same computer with the same project but with an local administrator account and everything went well.
So I suppose it’s an access issue, to a folder or a file or to the registry. Don’t know for sure.

Can you tell me which folders and registry keys are accessed by ActivePresenter for edition ?



You can check following location:

  • C:\Users<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\ActivePresenter
  • C:\Program Files\ATOMI\ActivePresenter
  • The export location.

Please also share the log so we can analyze further. To view the log:

  • In Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon).
  • Select the Miscellaneous tab.
  • Click View Log.


Here is the log !

ActivePresenter.log (25.3 KB)


Please move your projects to a new location on your local hard drive, and make sure your account has the read/write permission to that folder.
You can change the default location for new projects in Preferences > General tab > Project Location.


Good game ! I saved the project on a local drive and it did the trick.
Thanks a lot !!!