Trouble importing .mov videos with transparency

Hey there!
I need to import a video to ActivePresenter which has a transparent background. When importing the .mov file I cleary see that AP recognizes the videos transparency but when previewing I just see a black background. Is there another file format which supports transparency in videos in AP? Or do I have to change an option for the .mov file?
I already tried using the Green Screen Effect but this always look kinda gross because the edges are too frayed. Gif import was tried too but Gifs are often too low in quality. HTML5 works fine but we have to evaluate this topic because a bunch of users are working through our modules via Internet Explorer which is not supporting HTML5 animations.
Maybe you have another idea :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately, ActivePresenter doesn’t support video with transparency channel in the current version.
We will try to support it in future updates.


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