Trigger Timeline To Continue From Inside A HTML5 Package

Is it possible to control the slides timeline from inside an HTML5 package? I have been able to place a HTML5 package in a project, but, to enable the slide to continue and on to the next slide, I need to bring a button in from Active Presenter and place it on top of the HTML5 package. It works, but it would be ideal if a command could come from an action inside the HTML5 package to tell the player to go to the next slide or continue the timeline of the current slide. Is this possible? Running ActivePresenter Pro Edition
Version 8.5.5 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2022.03.08) On a Mac

Thank you.

Follow Up Comments

This Javascript command run inside the HTML5 package seems to work:

But will it always work? Is there a better way?

Thanks again.

Hi Randy,

You did it the right way when using the Javascript command.
Besides, you can see this thread: Access object in iframe with javascript for reference.