Translation of exported XLIFF file

Problem: I exported the AP module as a XLIFF file to translate it. The tools which should be able to identify the file and translate it were not able to find the file or signaled that the file was not a XLIFF file.

ActivePresenter version: 8.1.1

OS: Windows

Notes: I used the tools: POEditor,,

Hi SoSafe,

What is the version of your PoEdit software? I’ve checked with version 2.3 and it works fine. Or you can try with Swordfish at


Hi, thanks for the quick reply,

I did not use Poedit, I used the online tool POEditor, I thinks thats a different one.

Unfortunately Swordfish does not work neither. The XLIFF file seems empty when I open it after the extraction from Active Presenter.

Can you please share the original project and the exported XLIFF file? You can email it to

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Are there any news here?


We have just release version 8.2.0 which includes some fixes for this problem, so please download and try again. We have not checked with since it can’t recognize validated XLIFF files with standard .xlf extension.


FYI: Still having issues regarding XLIFF exports being read by various XLIFF reader tools. Even after update no tools can read files exported from ActivePresenter.


Could you send us the XLIFF file and the tool which you use to read the file? We will check and get back to you later.