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Hi Atomi Support:

Is there a way to hide the top bar or resources button in the top bar on certain pages, similar to the way you can suppress the toolbar by setting apToolbarVisible to False on a per-page basis?

The use-case is that I want prevent learners from accessing the course resources on learning check pages in a tutorial.


Hi Scott,

Yes, using JavaScript, you can hide the Resources button in the top bar of the HTML5 player for certain pages.

To optimize your work time, just paste the below lines of code into the master layout On Load event:

  • View tab > Feedback Master > select the master layout.
  • Properties pane > Interactivity tab > On Load event > Execute JavaScript > Click to edit.
  • Use the code:
    hide resource button: $('.ap-tool-resources', prez.container).hide();
    show resource button: $('.ap-tool-resources', prez.container).show();

For example, if you want to hide the Resources button from slide 2 to slide 4, use the script as follows:

if (prez.currentSlideIndex() >= 2 && prez.currentSlideIndex() <= 4)
    $('.ap-tool-resources', prez.container).hide();
   $('.ap-tool-resources', prez.container).show();

That’s it!

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Thank you so much, Thuy! That is the exact information I needed.

The Atomi support team is world-class, hands-down the best I’ve ever known.

All the best,

Thank Scott for your kind words. We truly appreciate it.
And we’re glad to have you as a part of our community.