Toolbar shifts beyond boundaries when using Drag&Drop

Hi again,

i determined a strange behaviour of the toolbar in a HTML5 export (or HTML5 Preview) and i would like to avoid it, but i dont know how.

If I use (accidentaly) drag&drop to skip some slides inside the toolbar, the toolbar shifts outside the project boundaries. I think that using drag&drop is very common for many users, because you know this behaviour from youtube for example. A change of the Toolbar settings (Display Mode = AutoFit/Actual Size) does not make any difference. It is not linked with the browser, i tested Firefox as well as Edge.

Do you know how to fix this?

I can not upload any files here, so you can find a sample image at


It is a known issue in ActivePresenter 7.2.5. We will try to release a fix soon. You can download the ActivePresenter 7.2.4 which doesn’t have this problem.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.


Great, thank you. I continue working with 7.2.5 and wait for an update. In case i want to export a 7.2.5 file with an older release: is it downwards compatible?

Yes, a 7.2.5 project is compatible with version 7.2.4.

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