Timer in Feedback Layer

I was wondering if there were any ways in which one could automatically reset and restart a timer on a specific feedback layer when the feedback layer is shown; every time feedback layer A, is shown I want TimerB to start its countdown from the beginning, where TimerB is a timer contained in feedback layer A.
What I have found is that when TimerB has finished its countdown, if feedback layer A is hidden and then shown again, TimerB hasn’t reset. This occurs even when I attempt to use the Load event to have TimerB restart everytime the layer is shown again.

Is it possible to have a timer, within a feedback layer, restart every time the feedback layer appears?
Thank you

It’s possible to have a timer in a feedback layer restart every time the feedback layer appears. Below are steps to do that:

  • Add a timer to the Correct Feedback Layer (View tab > Feedback Master > Correct Feedback Layer).
  • Add the Hide Correct Feedback Layer action to the button on this feedback layer.
  • Add 2 actions to stop and start the timer to the On Load event of the Correct Feedback slide.
  • Uncheck the Auto Advance action of the slide (in normal view). (Transitions tab > uncheck Auto Advance).

Please take a look at the sample below for more information.
Timer.approj (392 KB)