Timeline Nudging

I was wondering whether it’s possible to move position on the timeline using a keypress such the left and right arrows. At the moment, I’m just dragging it using the pointer at the top of timeline.


You can click the current time field at the middle top of the timeline and use up/down arrow to adjust the current time, the playhead will be moved accordingly. However, the time step can only be 1ms, 1s, 1m or 1h so it’s probably not helpful.


I think it might be better for the current project. It seems when you click into one of the time segments, you can then use the mouse wheel to scroll.

I would suggest that it might be also be useful to step along the timeline using the current time interval without having to drag the pointer. Maybe on the left where you have the go-to-end and go-to-start you could also have a go-to-next-interval and go-to-previous-interval like video editors do with frames.

Still loving this software BTW.

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