Timeline not moving with slider

For a use case I have made a slider in Javascript / HTML5 in Saola and I can generate the right information according to where the slider is moved to. However I cannot get the timeline of Saola to move to the place I want to according to the place of the slider. I can set the timeline to any place I like and get any information from the slider that I like but I can’t let them work together!?

I have attached my work in this issue and hope someone can tell what I’m doing wrong…
Slider problem.saolapack (451.6 KB)

Hi Klaas,

The slider value is a string, not a number so the timeline looks for a label with that value to seek to.
You just need to update slider.oninput as below:

position = parseInt(this.value);


Hi Toan,

Thanks a lot fot this! You made my day :wink:

Great support here by the way…