Timeline is not showing

Problem: I’m trying to create an event, where if one presses the button they are then moved to the next slide and the timeline of that slide starts. I have been able to do this with two other buttons on two other slides. This time though there are no timelines shown in properties, even though I have created the timeline.

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: 11.2



At this time, ActivePresenter 8 allows adding events - actions for timeline at the current slide.
So, you can add variable to your project to achieve what you want.

Please take a look at the attached project for your reference:
1807 interactive-timeline.approj (2.8 MB)

As you can see, in the first slide, the next slide button has the On Click event and the Adjust Variable and Go to Slide action.

In the second slide, the On Load event is added the Start Timeline action with the corresponding condition.

Besides, find out more useful information through this tutorial: How to Add Variables in eLearning - Atomi Systems, Inc.

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