Thumbnails in progress bar

Problem: I’d like to disable thumbnail in progress bar.Is it possible?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.8

OS: Win 10



Unfortunately, there is no option to disable just thumbnail in progress bar. But you are able to hide the progress bar or even toolbar so that the thumbnail is also hidden. Go to the Export tab > Player Settings > Toolbar section > deselect the Show Toolbar or Progress Bar check box.

Or you can edit the thumbnail bitmap (such as thumb_***.jpg) in the HTML5\resources. That’s a workaround.


Hi SimonA,

Please add the following code to ActivePresenter > Project > Properties > Event as a workaround:

$(".ap-slider-tooltip").css("visibility", "hidden");


Hi! I tried the workaround from Cam Tuyen Luu, so I edited the thumbnail image files.
But your solution is more elegant! Thank you.

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