The score is 0 on report slide

I seem to have a similar problem. A proportion of my users gets an empty report slide… But the problem does not occur when I test the page on my pc

I have added a photo from a user.

Best Jan

Hi Jtheman,

It seems that your project is a responsive one and the report slide isn’t laid out correctly at some viewport size.
Can you please share your project so that we can check?
Please also ask your user for his browser, OS, and screen resolution.


Hi Toan,

Just to be clear.

I adjusted the report slide show it only shows
total time

the problem is that the user has worked his way through the project and scored a lot of points. But the correct ‘counter’ is showing 0.

Other users do not have this problem (in my group of 8 users… 2 users have this problem)

He is using chrome… but the OS is something that I have to check.

best Jan

A proportion of my users gets an empty report slide…

I mean that the score is 0

Ok, so it’s not a layout issue. You don’t need to ask your user for the OS and screen resolution anymore.
Is there any action in your project that may reset the user results, e.g. Restart Presentation or Execute JavaScript action?


Not that I am aware of. At the end there is only a ‘review presentation’ action

Most users have no problems…

Unfortunately, I have no idea if you don’t share your project.


I reacted on a post from somebody else. I thought my question was related… but I am not so sure now…

Should I post this in a seperate post?

And I see that you mention to email some files.
What do you want me to email? The html5 files or the AP files? and can you give me directions on where to find the files?

best Jan


I’ve moved your posts into a new topic.
You should send the AP project file (.approj) and its external data folder (if any) to our support email at
The data folder has the name in the form projectFileName_files. It’s located in the same folder with the project file.
If the file size is large, you can upload to a cloud storage service like Google Drive.



I can’t find anything in your project could reset the score to 0.
Are you sure that your two users took the test and gained some points?
I see that you export your project to both Demo and Practice mode.
Is there any chance that they took the Demo mode that run as a video without interaction?

P/S: There’s an issue in your project but it’s not related to zero score. Please make the last slide Auto-Advance so the presentation can end, and the report can be sent without clicking Review Presentation button.



On the internet I only upload the practice mode. So the demo is discarded (although it is still generated when I export it… I forgot to uncheck demo mode).
So that is not what happened.

When the users (with this issue) are reviewing the presentation several answers were correct.
So perhaps there is a problem in the storage of points?

Strange thing is that 2 out of 8 user report this problem… while the rest has no problems

I have to teach tonight. So I will ask them some extra questions.

Are you ‘sure’ that this cannot be related to OS or browser issues?

best Jan


I’m pretty sure that it’s not related to OS or browser issues.
But any information from your users may be helpful, so please share what you got from them.
If your users can reproduce this issue, please ask them to press F12 to show Development Tools at the bottom of the browser, and check if there’s any messages in Console tab.
Can you please give me access to your online test (that your users took) for further checking?


I talked to my users. Unfortunately they could not provide any extra clues…

I will ask the to do the course again and press F12 and make a screenshot of the console

The project is
It is a temporary site but I will leave it active for a few weeks

Best Jan

One of users took the test again.
He answered several questions but the score is again 0

He sent a foto of the console message… but there is no message in the console.

The browser asked for a user ID en he filled in some letters.

In my google document I received his attempt. I made a screenshot

Hope it helps…

I will make a brand new project (untill now I copied older projects and adjusted them) and upload it again. I will ask my users to take it and see what happens. But this will take a few days.

keep you posted

best Jan


I haven’t found any clue when checking your online test.
It works fine for me.
Your user report shows that he viewed 20 slides, but didn’t answer any question.
Are you sure that he answered at least one question and clicked Submit (Check antw) button?
You can insert a shape that show the score and taken interactions and make it show across multiple slides to see if it’s updated when the user answers a question.
Furthermore, please disable Navigation (in Table of Contents and Player toolbar) in Player Settings to make sure users must answer questions to continue. You can use Test mode for this purpose, by default only backward navigation is allowed in Test mode.


Yes I am quite sure
I asked him to retake the test… answer some questions and press F12 at the end of the test and make a picture of the console information.
After he did that I (again) asked him if he answered several questions. He said he did.

Thanks for the shape suggestion.

best Jan

Hmmm… I will recheck this again

The issue seems gone. I have no clue why. I made a new responsive project from scratch. I just made a test version available for my users… and one of the two users (with the previous mentioned problem) has completed the test without any problems

So it seems that the problem is somewhere in my (older) project. But I fear I will not be able to find the reason.

But I am very HAPPY anyways! Thanks for all the time and support!

best Jan

Thanks for the update.
I’m glad to hear that the issue doesn’t occur with your new project.
Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on this issue.


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