The course area is too small

hi the course area is too small. can we make it bigger so it is better visual :


For a better visual of the course area, you can adjust some settings of the player by accessing the Export tab > Player Settings > General.
There are some options you can take a look at:

  • Change the Side Bar position to None then change the Table of Contents style to Overlay. Make sure the TOC Button in Toolbar is checked.
  • Reduce the Content Border Width.
  • Hide Top Bar by unchecking the corresponding checkbox.


Some tricks I like to use to make the course content more user-readable include:

  1. increasing the zoom on the browser when recording the screen capture
  2. employing zoom & pan to focus on specific areas of the capture
  3. my LMS has an option to either embed or pop-out SCORM content and I always choose pop-out so that users have more control over how much screen space to use when completing courses
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