Text overwriting Itelf on Preview

Problem: I have text on a slide which looks fine on the screen. When I use HTML preview function it looks fine on the slide in the table of contents. However on the slide the text has overwritten itself.

I’ve tried replacing the text in a different box that is fine from one of the other slides. I’ve also split the slide into 2 and increased the size of the text but nothing works.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.8

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise



Please send your project to support@atomisystems.com so that we can check.
We just need the slide with the issue, so you can delete other slides before sending.



We have checked and seen that the text in your project has line spacing equal 0. We still don’t know what use case leads to this issue but you can resolve it by selecting the shapes, then select Home > Paragraph > Line Spacing > 1.0. Please let us know if you remember the steps to reproduce the problem.