Text in HTML5 Export is different from program

I have spent the last 3 days working on this issue. I have read the documentation, searched the forum, and tried every combination of project and slide settings I can think of but still having issues. The text on the slides in the program fit perfectly, but as soon as they are exported it looks different. The text enlarges to spread outside of the slide area. I don’t want to use the scroll function and have set both the project and the iframe to the same dimensions but the changes are not being reflected. I have tried responsive and non responsive projects, I have tried scaled text on responsive. Nothing works. I have even tried making the font smaller, in the program it only fills the top half of slide but as soon as I export and sometimes preview its expanded past the borders. I am using activepresenter in conjuction with LearnDash and at the moment I regret purchasing either one of them.


Can you please share a small sample to replicate the issue? And please let us know the version of ActivePresenter and the operating system?


P/S: You can always ask when something doesn’t work as expected instead of wasting too much time to find a way to fix it yourself.