Text Entry color answers right/wrong

Problem:Hi there, I’m new and try to solve problems:
I do have a slide, and students have to enter text (numbers) at different positions of the slide. When the answer is correct, the gap color should change to green (using status).
When I use single text entries, the color changes directly after entering the text.
When I use multiple Text Entries, the color changes only when ALL entries are correct. I would like to get all correct answers green, the wrong ones should stay white (after the student has submitted the answers). So the student could correct his/her entries.
Is there a simple solution to that?
Thank you very much!

ActivePresenter Version: Required.
OS: Required.
Windows 10


Please look at the attached sample to see if this is what you need.
To create this sample, I perform the below steps:

Step 1: Instead of using Fill in Text Entries question, insert separate text entries:
Open the Insert tab > Text Entry > insert as many text entries as you want.

Step 2: Set the correct values for each text entry.
Select a text entry, in the Properties pane > Interactivity > List of Correct Values > Add Value > enter one or more correct values (correct answers) for the text entry.

Step 3: Customize the object states for each text entry.
Select a text entry, open the View tab > Object States
Add new state for a text entry and change the font of this new state to green.
For more information, please refer to this tutorial.

Step 4: Add events - actions to change state of the text entry if the answer is correct:

Please take a look at the attached sample for more details.
Text Entry Sample.approj (1.2 MB)