Text entries; character max length; java script

I want to limit the length of character input in each of my text entry box. However, I am not sure how to do it.

Also, how do I make the cursor jump from one text entry to another after pressing the tab or enter key?

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.4

OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language


Hi Rhen_Dancel,

You can add an Execute JavaScript action to the slide On Load event with the following script to limit the numbers of characters in a text entry box:

// set max length for Text Entry_2 object to 10 characters
prez.object('Text Entry_2').textNode.maxLength = 10;

You can use the Tab / Shift+Tab key (but not the Enter key) to jump from one text entry to another.
The tab order can be defined in the text entry Properties > Interactivity tab > General section:


Hello. Thank you. It worked!
Another question.

If I want a button to activate only after input in all of my text entries, what do I do?

I tried
On Complete / Text Enter actions then change of state for my button, but it seems that it does not recognize the actions I set. When is a text entry complete?

If the text entry Submit property (in Interactivity tab) is Auto, On Text Enter event will occur every time you type a character. Otherwise, it occurs when the text entry is submitted (by the Submit key, or the Submit action).
On Complete event is only availble with text entries in Survey mode. It occurs when the text entry is submitted.

In your case, you can set Enter submit key and create a boolean variable for each text entry to denote if it’s complete. In each text entry On Complete, you need to add actions to change the variable value and change the button state when all variables are true.