"Submit ALL" Button for all questions

Hello everybody,

our quizzes (made with another quiz plugin) have a “Submit ALL” button.

  1. Completeness of ALL question slides gets checked
  2. Does User have enough correct answers to pass the test, gets checked.

Is there a way to do this with Active Presenter?


  1. In ActivePresenter, each question has a submit button with the default action to submit all interactions on the slide.
  2. You can set pass/fail conditions for lessons to determine whether learners pass or fail the test:

Please feel free to try it out to see if it’s suitable for your needs or not.
Let me know more details if you need further help.

Thanks for your reply. 2. will work.

  1. I meant a “submit all” button for ALL quiz slides.
    The user navigates trough the different quiz slides with “forward” and “back” without submitting every single quiz slide. When the user comes to the LAST quiz slide he clicks the “submit all” button.
    Now the plugin checks if all slides are filled with an answer and submits ALL quiz slides altogether.

Is that possible in Active Presenter?

Hi Mike,
Unfortunately, it’s not possible in ActivePresenter at the moment.

Dear Hang,
any updates on this feature?
I would request it as well. In our former Capivate courses this was possible.
Best wishes

Hi Ludger,

Please see my answer and sample project in this thread: