Stuttering speech as audio line is shorter than video line

I’m developing a simple Software Simulation to demonstrate features in Adobe Photoshop. I record the simulation but when I listen to the Preview, the speech stutters on some slides.

When I look at the time line for those slides the audio time line is shorter than the slide timeline.

I am enclosing a link to the ActivePresenter project and around slides 23,24,25,26 and 27 the problem is particularly severe.

I also have another problem with this capture - Slide #8 is blank even though there is audio underneath it. Can you suggest how I can avoid getting blank (white) slides in my simulation, whilst keeping the dialogue.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Roger,

Please update to the latest version (7.5.8) to resolve the blank slide issue.
Regarding the audio issue. We recommend that you record audio in the editing phase. If you want to record audio while recording screen, please do the actions slowly ( > 2 second) and pause the voice before doing actions.


Hi Dao,

regarding the blank slide issue - I am on the latest version (7.5.8) as shown in the screen capture below - is there anything else I can do to help resolve the bug for you?

I can resolve the issue for my purposes using your get round to the other problem of stuttering audio, by recording the audio afterwards. So I can delete these blank slides before I record the audio.

Kind regards


Thanks for your information.

We will check this problem again and try to fix it in the next update.