Storage disk issue

Hi, I was recording and my disk got full, so ActivePresenter crashed.
I noticed that there is a tempdir that contains 2 wav files and 1 mkv file.
Then i opened the cached folder and found the video i had recorded but while trying to open it via media player it opens without audio , and the audio file in this folder (WAV format) can not be opened or imported in project.
I imported the video into new project and after 15 minutes of loading the video display as 1s duration (knowing that its actual duration is 2hrs).
Help me as much as you can PLEASE!

Hi Mohamed,

As you may know, ActivePresenter records audio and video seperately.
The two audio file that you noticed are system audio and microphone, indeed.
If you just play the video, you cannot hear the sound because it is recorded seperately.
In this case, you should create a new project with your video, then import an audio.

Regarding to wrong video duration, you can convert your video before importing it into ActivePresenter.
Try out to see if it work.

Best regards,

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Hi Thuy,
Thanks a lot for your help it works successfully and i could get back the record completely with audio&video.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Mohamed,

Thanks for getting back to me.
Iā€™m glad to hear that your issue has been resolved.

Best regards,