Stop player without having button on the time line

Problem: I have a scene and elements with interactions but they are not buttons, they are shapes images, and so on. How can I stop the player and wait for the user’s action without having a button on the scene? So far I can see this feature only with a button.

ActivePresenter version: 8



Have you checked that the slide is not set to auto advance (under the general properties for the slide)?
It really confused me at first that the default is set for a slide to auto advance and I needed to untick the box to stop it, my slides all just whizzed ahead like a video till I realised.
Most shapes can be set to behave like a button by adding interactivity/an event so ‘on click’ for example. So that’s the way something like a ‘tabs’ interaction works.
Also when you set some actions you can set them to ‘blocking’ so other actions don’t happen until this one completes.

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Hey @Sarie you just opened the World for me… That’s what I was looking for… Finaly. Thank you so so much for your help

Just be aware that although shapes can look like buttons, they don’t always behave exactly like buttons. A good example is that you have to manually insert hover states and set them on rollover events. Even more importantly, while you can set a tab order for a shape, the motor-impaired user cannot actually ACTIVATE the onclick action with the enter or space keys without additional work.

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