Stop button playing one of several audio in a slide

On a slide there are several audio tracks and for each track there is a play button and a stop button. For the play button I use the action to play the audio but for the stop of the reading of the audio I do not see any corresponding action.
Thank you for your help


Play Audio action plays an audio resource, not an audio object in a slide.
It doesn’t have a corresponding action to stop the audio.

To play/stop an audio, you should insert it into a slide as an audio object, set it Autoplay (in Properties > Audio), and Initial Hidden (in Properties > Size & Position > Timing).
After that, you can use Show/Hide Object action to play/pause the audio object.

We’ll consider adding play/pause media action in future releases.


thank you very much, it works very well

Our team would also appreciate it if a audio stop action was added to a new version of AP. We not only use AP in our team, but we also teach Active presenter courses. For new users it would be far easier if a special action was available to stop audio.

Thanks very much,
For the Education for Life team

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