Starting operation after audio / video

Hi, do you know how to make the stopwatch start automatically only after the audio / video file has been completely played?

ActivePresenter Version: 8



Hi Leszek,

You need to insert an Animated Timer to create the stopwatch as follows:

In the main timeline, please place the Playhead at time when the video/ audio ends, then open the Insert tab, click Animated Timer.

You can refer to this tutorial to see how to work with Animated Timer:


Thanks for the quick reply. Nice idea with this animation. I was able to solve this problem a bit differently. By means of the button. The audio / video cannot be paused, but the next ActivePresenter should be checked :slight_smile:

Hi Leszek,

Thanks for getting back to me! I’m glad that you found the other way to solve the problem. We appreciate your feedback and try to improve it in the future.