Start in fullscreen

Is there any way for the course to start in Fullscreen?
Or how do I create a button on the course itself that makes the screen fullscreen.
I need to eliminate the taskbar by placing all the buttons within the course itself.
Sorry for my bad english.

Software: ActivePresenter
Version: 7.5.7
Sistem: Windows 7


You can start the course in Fullscreen mode by adding javascript code to an event on the created button (e.g: On Click event). To do this, please see this topic: How to create a customized Fullscreen Button?


Is there a way to force the screen to rotate to landscape mode?

Yes but it only works on Android devices (tested on Chrome browser).

if (screen.orientation)
  var promise = screen.orientation.lock('landscape');

It also requires user interaction and the page is already in fullscreen mode.
So for cross devices, you should inform the viewer to do rotate the screen. For example: display a text message on the first slide, or design a portrait layout with just the message.