Start a Record software simulation but ends with recording video


I start a record software simulation. When I’m done, it appears that the first few slides are indeed a sofware simulation, but the last one appears to be a video recording. It records every actions I did during the software simulation.
It does it randomly. Sometimes my simulation goes until the end (all the slides are good), and then it doesn’t work anymore and ends up with a video of my screen.

I use ActivePresenter Version 7.5.12 on windows.

Thanks and good day to you,


Hi Lucie,

Please take note that the mode of recording software simulation can be either Capture mode (Slide) or Full Motion Recording mode (Video). Whenever you scroll the mouse or perform drag-n-drop actions, ActivePresenter will automatically switch to the Full Motion Recording mode. Otherwise, it will switch back to the Capture mode.

Besides, when using hotkeys, be careful to avoid confusion. For example, F9 can trigger recording video.



Thanks for the information.

OK. In that case, my problem was that it didn’t turn back to capture mode. When I did it a second time, it worked perfectly (the actions were the same, I work on software).

Anyway, it works at the end, that all matter for me. :slight_smile: