SRT File Export as az@cyrillic Even Though en-US is Default

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We’re using Active Presenter 8 and have added subtitles (US English) to all of our tutorial videos.

When we export the videos (with both hard and soft subtitles) the SRT files are named like this:

We’ve checked the properties of the CC timeline and it’s set to en-US as the default.

We don’t currently have an other languages but we do plan on adding simplified Chinese and Korean later.

We’re confused because az@cyrillic isn’t even a normal language designation for SRT file.



You should check if that language has been accidentially added to the list of CC languages some how.
To do that, select the CC and go to Properties > General > Caption Language.

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Sure - the only places we could find language were all defaulted to English. There are no other options for another language. It’s why we are so puzzled…everything seems correct, but the output name is named stuff like “Image Get a Fluorescent Image -”. Right now we are renaming after the export, but of course we’d rather have it export correctly.


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That’s weird.
Can you please tell which ActivePresenter 8.x version you’re using? The latest version in 8.x series is v8.5.8.
And if possible, please send a sort sample project which has the issue to our support email so our team can take a look.


We are actually using ActivePresenter Standard Edition
Version 9.0.7 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2023.03.15). I’ll see about sending the project file to the support email.Can you please verify the email address? Thanks!

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Our support email is

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Figured it out. On older projects created before the integration of multilingual cc support, the default is English (US). After, however, it’s listed as English (United States). Best guess is because the older default doesn’t match anything in the multilingual list it’s defaulting to az for some reason. If we add a language (the correct English we want), then remove the older default, the cc export correctly. This might warrant a ticket to fix in the next update. Cheers!


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I would like to inform you that a fix for this issue has been released in ActivePresenter 9.1.0.
When opening older projects, the default is still English (US).
But when exporting, there will be no az@cyrillic at the end, as the setting now becomes Project’s instead.
To see the update, please go to the Help tab and select Check Updates.

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Quynh Anh.

You guys are amazing! Thanks!

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