Squares appear next to words with accents

Problem: I’m working on a project in portuguese, and as such, there’s words/letters with accents on them. Before I export the project everything appears fine on active presenter but after I export there’s some squares that appear, mostly next to “accented” letters. I attached 3 screenshots of the problem as it’s clealer to understand. There’s also a case of one of those boxes appearing next to a word that doesn’t even have an accent.
I’ve tried changing the project language and overall language of the program to portuguese but even then it still exports with those boxes. I’ve been exporting to SCORM.

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.2.0

OS: Windows 10



Can you please share the original project file (*.approj) so we can check? You can send it to support@atomisystems.com. We just need one slide which has the issue.
And please let us know what is the browser (and its version, OS) that you are having this problem.



Thanks for sharing the file.

After checking your project, we see that there are a few strange letters that cannot be displayed in ActivePresenter.

So, please copy the content to Notepad first, and remove that letters (squares). Then copy and paste the content back into ActivePresenter.