Sound on Drag & Drop - Accept and Reject

Hello, i’ve seen some similar-ish posts about this but that was a few years ago.
I have sounds events for drag/drop accept and reject and they work perfectly on my laptop and desktop in chrome, ff and safari, but the sounds do not work on iphone or ipad.

Here’s the game:

Attached is a pic of the events. If sound doesn’t work on drag/drop in iOS, is there a workaround you’d recommend? The game is so much more appealing with the sound effects!

Thanks for your help,



Regarding your concern, it’s not possible to unmute the audio without clicking due to the autoplay policy on most browsers.

You can take a look at this thread:

Mobile browsers require user interactions for playing audio (and video with audio) but iOS seems not to work well if it is a dragging interaction, clicking on a button should work.

In brief, the web browser won’t allow autoplay audio until the first user interaction (mouse click, tap, etc…).

The best way to solve this issue is to insert a Start button in the first slide and let the user click it to start the content.


Ahhh, makes sense. Thank you SO much! I already had start buttons on all my other games, hence why I didn’t notice an issue before :slight_smile: