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Sound cut with mouse click

(vie) #1


I have to record a software simulation in which we have to see the mouse cursor and the clicks I do. At the same time I speak to explain what I do on the sceen. Whenever I click on something, it mutes the sound of the microphone and interrupts my explanation. I tried several configurations but I can not find a solution for this problem. Could you help me?

ActivePresenter Version: ActivePresenter Free Version 7.5.6



(Nam Nguyen) #2


You should use Record Video from Start Page to record your screen in full motion.


(vie) #3


I need to edit the video to add some slides and it’s not possible to do it when I use record video


(Toan Le) #4


You can use Split Slide tool in Timeline to split your video slide into two slides, then insert additional slides between them.


(vie) #5


Can you explain me how to Split Slide?

I tried several times but I was not able to do it. Is it possible to do it with the free version of ActivePresenter?



This is not a reply. It is more info about the trouble we are experiencing.
We run ActivePresenter version 7.5.6.
We tried the option record video but the pointer is still invisible.
This problem doesn’t exist with version 6.1.x.
Moreover, the TIMELINE doesn’t allow us to click on the Split Slide icon.
We run the Free version.
Any ideas?

(Dao Viet Phuong) #7


Regarding the cursor invisible issue, please make sure the following options are selected:

When selecting a video object:

There is also a problem if you are using Nvidia GeForce graphics card, please update the driver if it is your case.


(Toan Le) #8


Please take a look at the following tutorial for splitting a slide:



We recorded a video with the option “Record Software Simulation” and when one clicks the voice at the same time is cut.
Please see the symptom:
before export here
after export here

We’d appreciate any help. We have periodic problems related to sound for a number of months.

Thank you!

(Dan Le) #10


You should use “Record Video” for these kind of tutorials.

“Record Software Simulation” should only be used when creating slide-based tutorials.
In this mode, ActivePresenter will create a seperate slide every time you click or press keyboard and so your voice will also be splitted into slides which results in the issue you’re having.
Or you should pause your voice before each mouse click.