Sometimes get "preparing slides" after recording video, never comes back

Hi, I’m using ActivePresenter 8.3.2 64bit, and have a periodic problem when recording desktop video (zoom meetings). It seems to start fine, but when the zoom meeting is done and click stop recording, it sometimes comes back and says “Preparing Slides” but then never does anything. When it’s working correctly it does not say this, and just opens the captured video so I can edit and save. The only way to recover when it says preparing slides is to reboot (i.e. it never comes back if I wait several hours, and trying to start ActivePresenter again doesn’t do anything). Please help!

ActivePresenter version: 8.3.2 64bit

OS: Windows 10 64bit

Notes: should not say “preparing slides” since I am recording video, and should not lock up and never come back. This is only happens occasionally but when it does happen I lose my recording which can be very bad.


Could you please share the log of ActivePresenter so we can know exactly what happened?
To view the log:

  • In Start Page, click Preferences (the Gear icon)
  • Select Miscellaneous.
  • Click View Log.

You can send the log file to or you can save the log and attach that file to this thread.

Besides, kindly take note that ActivePresenter is mainly designed for creating training tutorials that normally have a duration of fewer than 1 hour.
If you want to record the long sessions, you can select the H264 video codec for less disk space usage. For changing codec, please take a look at Work with Recording Settings Dialog in ActivePresenter 8
On the other hand, you should look around for other screen recorders on the Internet.

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