Some slides do not update after changing On Load in Slide Master

Hi Atomi Support,

I have a larger project with many slides.
Today, I realised that if I change something in the On Load of the Slide Master, some slides won’t update.
It seems to be the case with slides which have additional individual On Load Commands in addition to those of the Slide Master. Yet, I am not completely sure.
Now, if I reset the event of those particular slides, all the additional commands are deleted. This is quite a problem since the project is growing and the Master Slides as well as the individual slides change on a daily basis.
Am I making a mistake?


ActivePresenter version: 8.4.0

OS: Win10
Individual Slide:

Commands from the Slide Master after resetting the slide:

Hi Augustin,

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Recently, it’s designed to be like that.
We will try to improve it in future updates.