[Solved] How to edit double-click?

Hey guys,
I’ve recorded software simulation.
However for some reason one checkbox has been captured as double-click.
How can I change it to be a single click?

Also why recorded hints (blue shapes)
Are not in timeline?

Thank you.

ActivePresenter Version: 6.1.4

OS: Mac OSX High Sierra


You just need to double-click the object to open the Event Editor dialog. In this dialog, select the Mouse Click tab, in the first row of Event column, click mouse to change the value.

Are you taking about Correct Messages (which has text “Congratulations…”). This shape is not in Timeline since it doesn’t show when entering slide, it is only shown when the viewer click the Mouse Click object correctly.


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Ah I see.
Understood. That explains it (both of my questions)
Thank you